The Filmmaker

Jaselle Martino has amassed almost 10 years of professional experience in the film and television industry both through Chaconia Pictures and other companies like Disney/ABC and HBO alike. She has produced many short films, line-produced many Episode television, commercials and music videos.

She is a writer, producer, and director, from  Trinidad and Tobago but currently based in New York City. She has been producing and directing short films since 2011. Her short film, Bike Tales was nominated for the 2014 Young Artists Awards in Hollywood and also played at a series of festivals, including the Dubai Children’s International Festival and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. Most of the shorts she’s produced have played at major international film festivals, including TIFF, Dubai, and VIFF. Her last short film Don’t Go Too Far, which she produced this year, was funded by Enjaaz Dubai Film Festival. Jaselle’s passion for filmmaking is amplified by the need to undo stereotypical tropes that are used in storytelling and the media.