Don’t Go Too Far

A mentally disabled Arab man is separated from his sister on a New York subway, leaving him alone for the first time in his life. From chaotic Union Square to a maze of look-alike tree-lined streets, the protagonist is tasked with braving an apathetic city as he attempts to find his way back home — all the while not knowing any English.



Don't Go Too Far


DON'T GO TOO FAR | 17- 2018
Ghida AlKusay as Nisreen
Hakeem Jonah as Yusuf

Produced by Jaselle Martino

Directed by Maram Taibah

Cinematography by Dave Prokopec

Hakeem Jomah, Ghida Alkausyer


Film Festivals

Cinetech | Dubai International Film Festival 2017

Official| Beruit Women’s International Film Festival 2018

Cannes Short Film Corner|  Cannes Film Festival