Chaconia Pictures new journey.

We have finally made our website. Please connect with us on here as we update you on our latest work.cropped-dgtf_0072.png


Our recent film, Don’t Go Too Far, has touched audiences in Saudi Arabia,  especially the family of the young man who inspired this film, Dubai, Lebanon and now at Cannes. We hope to raise awareness among audiences worldwide about the struggles of people with mental disabilities and to experience the world from their perspective. The character, Yusuf, has gone far on his own and his journey attempts to answer the question: can a person with mental disabilities survive on their own if left alone in the world?


Don’t Go Too Far has been screen at the Beirut Women in Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival and is currently being screen in the Cannes 2018 Short Film Corner. The film is currently being considered in other major international film festivals. To keep up with this film and other projects produced at Chaconia Pictures, please follow us.

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